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Recent Coverage

Recent Coverage

King County Council Recognizes Barbara Langdon for Her Work in Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence

Barbara Langdon

For over three decades, Barbara Langdon has served as a lifeline and advocate for women and families fleeing abusive relationships. Today the Metropolitan King County Council recognized Langdon, who is retiring as the Executive Director of LifeWire, by declaring May 23, as "Barbara Langdon Day" in King County.

"Barbara Langdon has devoted her career to supporting domestic violence survivors," said Council Vice Chair Rod Dembowski. "Her leadership at LifeWire has made immensely impactful differences in the lives of the most vulnerable members of our community. I am honored today to recognize her service."

"Barbara Langdon is an amazing woman. We share a common passion of working to prevent domestic violence and helping those who are survivors," said Councilmember Kathy Lambert. "Her remarkable career has resulted in increased awareness of this issue and many survivors getting help and services so that they can move on with their lives. I'm delighted that we are able to honor her lifetime of service."

"Barbara has been the constant force of stability that many individuals throughout King County rely on each and every day," said Councilmember Claudia Balducci. "Throughout her years at LifeWire, Barbara has been dedicated to helping those who have experienced and survived domestic violence by providing them the services they need to feel supported. Her legacy will live on through the work she has built at LifeWire."

Langdon started her advocacy for domestic violence survivors in California. In Washington, she has been instrumental in the development and growth of LifeWire, a nationally-recognized program for those fleeing abusive relationships.

Since 1982, LifeWire has provided safety and services to survivors of domestic abuse, offering a range of services that include housing and shelter, counseling, education and outreach.

Langdon has also become a strong voice for the homeless, since fleeing domestic violence is one of the primary causes of homelessness for women and families.


WHEREAS, Barbara Langdon has served as the Executive Director and remarkable leader of LifeWire, a leading organization serving survivors of domestic violence in King County; and

WHEREAS, she has been a phenomenal change agent in King County and has had community-wide impact in her vital work at LifeWire; and

WHEREAS, her career in public service, working with vulnerable women, children, and families, both here and in California, has been committed to systemic positive social change in the area of domestic violence prevention and survival; and

WHEREAS, her career also has been marked by leadership in organizations helping survivors of domestic violence, locally, regionally, and nationally; and

WHEREAS, Barbara Langdon's leadership has been recognized by awards and recognitions commending her for her dedication, strength, courage, and commitment; and

WHEREAS, she is now retiring after 35 years of making a difference in the lives of countless women, children, and families;

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the Metropolitan King County Council, proclaim, May 23, 2016, as


in King County for successfully championing the needs of women, children, and families who are survivors of domestic violence; working tirelessly for domestic violence prevention and care of vulnerable people in need; and effecting positive change in our society.

DATED this twenty-third day of May, 2016.

Executive Director Barbara Langdon Interviewed by KING 5 News on Importance of Gun Safety Laws

On Thursday, March 17, the Seattle-King County Board of Health made a unanimous decision to improve the way it complies with House Bill 1840, signed into law in 2014, which requires domestic violence perpetrators, with protection orders against them, to temporarily surrender their guns. LifeWire Executive Director, Barbara Langdon, sat down with KING 5 News to share why improving implementation of this important law is so crucial to protecting the safety of domestic violence survivors.

Barbara Langdon King 5 News

New Day Northwest featured a show about bringing awareness to domestic violence. LifeWire's very own Ward Urion and Sarah Steininger were guests on the show.

Ward Urion, LifeWire Social Change Manager talks about the affects of domestic abuse on kids. Studies have shown that 3 - 4 million children are at risk of exposure to domestic violence every year.

Sarah Steininger, LifeWire Deputy Director discusses the signs of abuse and how to get help.

New studies show 1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.

Ward Urion, LifeWire Social Change Manager discusses domestic violence and victim blaming on New Day Northwest.

Discussion about domestic violence is front and center after millions saw the video in which Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punches his then-fiancée, Janay, inside an elevator knocking her unconscious. The video has created backlash against not only Ray Rice, but his former fiancée, as well, for staying with and marrying him days after the attack.

Ray Rice Fallout

Councilwoman on her abuse: 'I often had bruises, black eyes'

King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert says she nearly died at the hands of her ex-husband. Lambert decided to share her story at length for the first time to benefit LifeWire. She gave a moving speech at the World of Hope Gala & Auction, helping LifeWire raise money while sharing her important message...

Kathy Lambert Story

LifeWire programs exceed at providing flexible housing options to help survivors of domestic violence. LifeWire's Housing Stability Program (DV Housing First) helps survivors retain or access safe permanent housing quickly – often bypassing emergency shelters. LifeWire is a nationally recognized leader in developing and providing innovative services to prevent and end domestic violence and homelessness. Our Housing Stability Program is a proven success in providing housing stability, dignity, supportive services and advocacy ~ making a profound and lasting change in the lives of survivors and their families. Learn more...

Housing Stability Program

A Daughter's Battle Against Domestic Violence

Maddy Brockert was 16 years old when her mother was murdered. She has made it her mission to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT educating thousands of children and teens about the devastation of domestic violence. Maddy shares her story...

Komo 4 Story

LifeWire's prevention work is critical. It has changed countless lives and breaks the cycle of abuse for future generations. Your support makes this work possible.

LifeWire Interim Director, Sarah Steininger is interviewed by Comcast Newsmakers

LifeWire is implementing a new program that is helping boys and young men change social norms and become leaders working to fight domestic violence.

LifeWire is International

On February 15th LifeWire was recognized as an international leader on CCTV NEWS. Violence against women is a global problem; 1 out of 3 women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. That’s one billion women and girls.

LifeWire is International

LifeWire's prevention work is critical. It has changed countless lives and breaks the cycle of abuse for future generations. Your support makes this work possible.

Nicole Reis on Chat With Women

Nicole Reis on Chat With Women 10-09-12.mp3

KING 5 Highlights LifeWire's 30th Anniversary
Hope Starts Here Breakfast on the Evening News

Assistance League of the Eastside Makes A Difference in our Community

April 4, 2011
Technology Makes It Harder For DV Victims To Escape
The Attorney General's Office put together a domestic violence advisory group to look at stalking.

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