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LifeWire’s confidential, emergency shelter and transitional housing programs provide a safe, stable, and supportive environment for survivors of domestic violence.

Confidential Shelters
LifeWire operates two confidential shelters that provide emergency housing to individuals fleeing an abuser. All of our shelter residents attend weekly workshops, which provide support for domestic violence survivors, with self-esteem building, stress management, parenting and child development workshops, and budgeting.

My Sister’s Home
A warm and inviting home donated to LifeWire in 2009. This unique apartment complex emergency shelter model is suited to accommodate survivors who may be difficult for other shelters to house: large families; families with specific culinary, religious and/or cultural practices, and men.

My Friend’s Place
My Friend’s Place welcomes individuals who are recovering from domestic violence and substance abuse. In this unique shelter model, survivors focus on safety, sobriety and self-sufficiency through advocacy based domestic violence counseling and on-site clinical drug and alcohol counseling.

Community Based Housing
LifeWire's community based housing program provides rental assistance, advocacy and referrals for program participants who have moved beyond an emergency phase and are making the transition to independent living.

Rental Assistance Program
The Rental Assistance Program provides rental assistance, advocacy, support and referrals for LifeWire program participants who have children living with them. Families locate rental units in safe communities and receive assistance with move-in costs and rent for nine to twelve month while they work toward independence.

Coming Home Program
The Coming Home Program assists participants who do not have children or their children do not live with them. Participants meet regularly with an advocate and sets short and long term goals to access affordable housing and work toward independence. This housing model provides the stability needed for families to re-unite.

Permanent Housing Program
The Permanent Housing Program provides rental assistance, advocacy, support and referrals for program participants who have a history of mental illness or chemical dependency. The long term assistance helps create financial and housing stability while participants overcome multiple barriers to permanent housing and independence.

Hotel/Motel Voucher Program
Motel Voucher Program provides emergency housing services and advocacy-based counseling during short stays in area hotels or motels. This offers an immediate crisis intervention option when shelters are full.

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