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LifeWire's outreach programs are designed to ensure victims’ safety, assist them in breaking the cycle of violence, and support them as they begin rebuilding their lives free from violence and fear.

Legal Advocacy
As survivors of domestic violence weave their way through the judicial system, we are able to provide vital information and support along the way. Whether filing for a protection order or dealing with custody issues, LifeWire assists program participants and helps navigate an often confusing and daunting legal system. This program provides the following services:
  1. Safety planning, support and comprehensive legal advocacy

  2. Connects domestic violence victims with local legal clinics

  3. Provides critical legal information and assistance

  4. Accompanies domestic violence victims to court proceedings

  5. Provides concentrated outreach to domestic violence victims
Licensed Therapy and Counseling Services
LifeWire offers individual and group counseling for survivors of domestic violence in our community. Our goal for working with domestic violence survivors is to increase their ability to stay safe in the future and heal from the effects of violence. We welcome individuals in all stages of the survival process.

Client Advocacy
LifeWire’s advocates provide counseling and education for victims of domestic violence who are not staying at a shelter. Advocates are available to provide support through police departments, hospitals, social service agencies and more, making follow-up calls to any victim in a domestic violence case who allows her name to be released. Victims receive crisis intervention and compassionate emotional support during this traumatic time. LifeWire’s advocacy program coordinates with the criminal justice system and other services and seeks to inform victims of their rights which enables then to make an informed choice.

Women’s Support Groups
LifeWire's women's support groups provide a safe place to talk with people who have experienced domestic violence in their lives. Our support groups provide the opportunity for women in the community to come together, share their experiences and learn from each other. It is also a place to build friendships, support, and experience healing from the abuse experienced in your life. Weekly support groups are facilitated by experienced domestic violence advocates.

Children and Teen Groups
Children and teens who experience domestic violence in their families are themselves victims of domestic violence. LifeWire provides weekly support groups for children and teens designed to provide age-appropriate information about domestic violence while also offering self-esteem building activities and skills to resolve conflict to end the learned behavior of domestic violence and build healthy relationships. Group participation also provides an opportunity for children and teens to share their feelings about the abuse they have experienced or witnessed at home. Prevention is key to breaking the cycle of violence and LifeWire believes that increased outreach to youth and teens will reduce domestic violence statistics long-term.

Latina Outreach Program
LifeWire's Latina Outreach Program provides a wide range of programs and services that are culturally and linguistically accessible for Latina families who are victims of domestic violence. These include:
  1. 24 hour help line in Spanish
  2. Client advocacy in Spanish
  3. Support groups for women and children in Spanish
  4. Legal advocacy in Spanish
  5. Community education and training in Spanish
Education and Training
Educating the community about domestic violence is a key component of LifeWire's mission. Through our education and training programs, we hope to build a society that understands the impact of domestic violence on adults, children and the community and how we can break the cycle of domestic violence. LifeWire's presentations and workshops can be customized for any group including middle and high school, businesses, religious programs, and many others. For more information on LifeWire's education and training programs, contact Ward Urion ( at 425-562-8840 ext. 306.

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