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Employers Can Make a Difference
Domestic violence is no longer just a personal issue; it's a workplace issue. Studies show that domestic violence occurrences can impact the workplace through increased absenteeism, increased employee turnover, reduced productivity and excessive heath care costs. Additionally, many abusers attempt to stalk, harass, threaten and injure their victims at work.

Minimize Domestic Violence in the Workplace
Violence can erupt unexpectedly, even at work. Learn about the steps you can take to decrease the likelihood of a co-worker, customer, or partner of an employee becoming violent. It is important to remember that if at any time a person's behavior starts to escalate beyond your comfort zone, disengage from the situation.
  1. Do's and Don'ts to Minimize Violence [pdf]
Best Practices by Top Companies
As leaders in the corporate world some of the top companies have implemented programs and guidelines to educate and empower their employees and bring an end to domestic violence. To learn more, visit the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence web site.

Get Educated
No one plans to be in a violent situation, but it still happens. One of the first steps to understanding the impact of domestic violence on your workforce is to get educated. You can learn more about preventing, intervening, and stopping domestic violence by contacting LifeWire's Speakers' Bureau. Our Speakers' Bureau offers outreach, education and presentations to businesses, organizations, agencies and schools in the North and East King County areas. For more information, or to schedule a speaker, contact Sarah Steininger at 425-562-8840 x215.

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