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What Is Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is an escalating pattern of abuse where one partner in an intimate relationship controls the other through force, intimidation, or the threat of violence. Domestic violence has no boundaries. It affects all ages, both sexes, all cultures, all religions, all professions, and people from all income levels.

Understanding Abuse
Domestic violence is about power and control and includes many different types of abuse. It is more than just the bruises and broken bones often associated with physical abuse. Domestic violence can also include sexual, psychological or emotional, and financial abuse.


A few years ago LifeWire provided me with support when my husband became violent. I never would have recognized his pattern of escalation, and certainly wouldn’t have left him. My life is now calm and safe. I have followed his arrest record over the years and he has multiple domestic violence convictions and protection order violations with his subsequent girlfriends. I continue in the address confidentiality program, which makes me feel much safer. That program was critical for my safety after our separation and during the divorce proceedings. Thank you LifeWire for being there!

- Former Shelter Resident

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